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In Cold Blood - Truman Capote

This book is really, really good so far. I love Capote's writing style and I think it's really awesome how he uses so many facts and quotes, but the book reads like a novel. It's pretty awesome. 

That being said, I looked up some things about the Clutter family over the course of me reading this, and, as it turns out, while this book comes across as very well-researched, the two Clutter daughters who were not involved in this awful event are actually very anti-In Cold Blood. They don't (didn't? I think the older one died, but I'm not positive) feel like it's an accurate portrayal of what happened at all and were especially offended by Capote's portrayal of their mother, who is basically portrayed as mentally unstable at best and some might even say on the verge of a breakdown. On the one hand, if Capote's portrayal is accurate, that's something that they might view as a private family matter (rightfully so), and might not have wanted it publicized in national news. But at the same time, apparently Capote was denied interviews with several people who are pretty central to the story, and so it's speculated that he may have "embellished" a few things for the sake of a riveting plot, or even simply to fill in the gaps. I'm honestly not sure what to think, but it's worth noting that, from what I read, apparently most of the people who lived in Holcomb at the time of the murders and who knew the family are on the side of these two daughters, so it's most definitely possible that there is something to their claims. And if they're right, shame on Capote for exploiting a family's traumatic experiences. Actually, even if they're wrong, this book probably still is a huge invasion of privacy and I can definitely see why Eveanna and Beverly Clutter would be upset by it. 


Hmm. Well, definitely something to think about. I'll have to do some more research. But in the meantime.... this book is so good!!