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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

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Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon

The blurb on Diana Gabaldon's website about Dragonfly in Amber simply says, "It doesn’t start where you think it’s going to. And it doesn’t end how you think it’s going to, either. Just keep reading; it’ll be fine." (source) Well, that is most definitely true, at least the first part. I have NO idea what's going on. It's 1968, and Claire and her daughter are in Scotland -- and where the heck is Jamie?! And how does Frank Randall still exist? I mean, he's dead now. But apparently his death is fairly recent! How did he exist if his great-great-whatever-grandfather died before he could have children?!


So bewildered. Which, of course, is exactly what Gabaldon was going for. So all I can do is follow her advice - back to reading I go!