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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

June Reading List

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson Strangers on a Train - Patricia Highsmith We Are the Goldens - Dana Reinhardt The Art of Arranging Flowers - Lynne Branard Cinderella's Dress (Entangled Teen) - Shonna Slayton Emma - Jane Austen, Fiona Stafford The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick Big Fish - Daniel Wallace Where Angels Fear to Tread - E.M. Forster

My wedding is in 19 days, and I'll hopefully be moving to Pittsburgh very soon after htat. Because of that, I'm trying to keep my June reading list reasonably brief... realistically, this is probably not going to be a month where I read 10 books, as I did in May. So, I've decided to list the books that I absolutely must read this month, but as you read this, keep in mind that I am going to be continuing my US of YA reading challenge, so I'm hopefully going to be reading more books on top of that.



 Treasure Island - this was the May read for the Classics discussion group... and I didn't get around it, so I'll be reading it this month. Yay! I read it in 6th grade and I remember liking it. Hopefully, that'll happen again now that I'm 10 years older!


Strangers on a Train - this is the book that I'm currently reading for my book club - I should be done with it tonight or tomorrow. It's really good! Very creepy. 


We Are the Goldens - YA ARC that I received from Net Galley that was published May 27. I need to start this ASAP, once I'm done with SoaT. Luckily, it looks really interesting and dramatic - and potentially creepy. I'm seeing a theme this month, haha. 


The Art of Arranging Flowers - another ARC from Net Galley. It's published June 3, which means, again, I need to start it ASAP. This is an contemporary adult novel with perhaps a touch of romance - perfect for a June bride, hopefully :) 


Cinderella's Dress - YA ARC I received from Entangled Publishing. I requested it purely because of Cinderella. What can I say - I'm a sucker for princesses and fairy tales!


Emma - after reading The Jane Austen Book Club, my book club decided that we needed to read the rest of Jane Austen's works. The first on our list is Emma! I'm so excited to read this. I want to love it SO much, but I've attempted it like 3 or 4 times with no luck. I'm hoping that reading it with my girls will help me stay motivated and focused!


The Silver Linings Playbook - another book club read, one I cannot wait to start! I adored this  movie (and with JLaw and Bradley Cooper as the stars, how could I not be?). Hopefully I'll be just as thrilled with the book! 


Big Fish - I have absolutely no clue what this is about, but the cover ooks cool and it's one that my book club is reading this month. Hopefully it's good! After reading the blurb on goodreads, it looks like this might be pretty emotional at times, but also funny. Sounds promising! 


Where Angels Fear to Tread - Classic discussion group read for June. I had never heard of it before, but I absolutely adore the title and that alone is enough to get me excited to read this one!


I can't wait to kick off another month of reading! Hopefully I'll have time for all of these and more, but if not, at least it'll be for a good reason, haha. What will you be reading this month? Have you ever read any of my picks for June?