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The Jane Austen Book Club - Karen Joy Fowler

Overall, I really like this book so far. The characters are each different and I feel that they're developing nicely. I love reading what they have to say about each Jane Austen novel. Each character points out details that I have never picked up on and makes interpretations that make me reconsider my own interpretations of Austen's works. As an Austen fan, this is a really interesting book to read. Reading it makes me feel as though I have joined an Austen book club - I'm not able to contribute to the discussion, but I am benefiting from reading each characters' thoughts. 


That being said, I do think that the more Austen novels that you've read, the more you'll get out of this book, especially if you've read each book multiple times. I have yet to read all of Austen's works; I have yet to read Emma and Persuasion, though I plan to this summer, and I have never read any of her other works, such as Lady Susan and Sanditon. As a result, I'll be the first to admit, I am definitely missing out on parts of this book. It may seem like a no-brainer, but seriously, I want to emphasize: if you consider yourself a Jane Austen fan but have only ever finished Pride and Prejudice, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It will leave you confused, lost, and probably bored. There are many, many references to Austen plot details that you will not understand unless you have read the book. This is definitely a book that is designed with true Austen devotees in mind, and if you're anything less than that, there will be parts that will leave you scratching your head and quite possibly frustrated.