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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

May Reading List

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson Sense and Sensibility (Collins Classics) - Jane Austen The Girl Who Played with Fire: Book 2 of the Millennium Trilogy (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) - Stieg Larsson The Jane Austen Book Club - Karen Joy Fowler Strangers on a Train - Craig Warner Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Edition Original) by Chbosky, Stephen [Paperback(1999£©] - Stephen Chbosky A Beautiful Dark - Jocelyn Davies We Are the Goldens - Dana Reinhardt Hereafter - Tara Hudson

So, here's the deal. I would love to read at least 10 books this month. Like, you have no idea how much I would like to. I would feel so, so accomplished if that could happen. But I read a grand total of 4 books in April (okay, if we're feeling generous, we could say 5 since I finished Tess of the d'Urbervilles today, but technically, that makes it a May read!), and I'm going to have even less time this month, since I'm now less than 50 days away from my wedding (and on that note - prayers and happy thoughts for my fiance as he searches for an accounting job in the Pittsburgh area would be greatly appreciated!). So, yes, I have ambitious reading goals for this month, but I'm trying to accept that it's likely that I may not accomplish them. 



Treasure Island - I read this book as a sixth grader and even at that young age, I remember it was fairly manageable. This is the Classics discussion group's pick for May and I'm excited to re-read it. It's a great adventure story! If you're interested in joining us in reading this, click here


Sense and Sensibility - this is the first of my book club's choices for May. You'll notice that we have quite a few on here my list for the month - we're trying to read a book a week this summer. I'm very excited to read this; I loved the movie, but I've had a difficult time reading it on our own, so I'm hoping that reading it with the group will give me the motivation to push on through the tough spots!


The Girl Who Played With Fire - this is on my book club's reader's choice list, which we'd been reading during the school year, so we've been reading at a slower pace than we aim for in the summer. We started it in April and I'm hoping that we'll finish it in May! It's very good so far. 

The Jane Austen Book Club - this is another book club pick. I'm a bit nervous about this one - I've heard that it's a bit mindless. But sometimes, mindless is just what I need and I'm thinking that in this month full of reading, my brain's going to need a bit of a break. So maybe this will be just what I need!


Strangers on a Train - guess what - another book club book! I know absolutely nothing about this one, but my friend Tina Rae selected it so I'm sure it's a good one!


Practical Magic - ... another book club book. I'm hosting this one, but I've never read it, so I need to read it before the last week in May when I host it! I think the storyline looks super interesting; I love when authors mix magic with a "real world" setting. Fingers crossed that this lives up to my expectations!


Perks of Being a Wallflower - I've been told SO many times that I need to read this, and now I finally am getting around to doing it! I checked it out of the library a few days ago, so rest assured - this book is going to get read. In fact, I'll probably start it as soon as I finish this post! 


A Beautiful Dark - this book is actually a part of the US of YA reading challenge that Moonlight blogged about the other day. I don't know if anyone else is participating, but I decided "what the heck!" and because I'm totally insane, I'm going to attempt to cram 50 YA books into my summer (May 1 - September 1). God help me. But anyway, this book looks intriguing and I hope that I'll like it!


We are the Goldens - this  is a book that I was pre-approved for on NetGalley and because it looked really interesting (and really dark) I decided to give it a try!

Hereafter - this is book 2a of my US of YA reading list! Technically, it's supposed to be Arise, but apparently that's book 2 and Hereafter is book 1 in the series? So yeah, definitely reading this first. And then maybe I'll read Arise if Hereafter's any good. We'll see! But time is going to be at a premium so who knows! 

And other books that I would like to read this month in order to be on schedule with my US of YA book list, but recognize that I probably will not be able to, are: 

-Beautiful Creatures
-The Beet Fields
-Beneath a Meth Moon
-Blood and Chocolate 
-Blood Magic 

-Dairy Queen 

Yeah. This reading list is not going to get done this month. 20 books in a month? Sheesh! But here's to trying!! Have any of you read any of these?