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Tess of the d'Urbervilles, a Pure Woman - Thomas Hardy

This book. Oh. My. 


Seriously, how many bad things can happen to one character? Especially one as sweet as Tess? I seriously want to just pummel Angel Clare... what a jerk! And he's SUCH a hypocrite. That part with Izzy was just the tip of the giant iceberg of his terrible actions. I realize that it goes with the times, and that's part of why I'm so impressed with Thomas Hardy's choice to actually write in a way that's sympathetic to Tess, rather than portraying her as a horrible fallen woman, as Victorian society would have viewed her. Hardy has the guts to convey that he thinks that it's horrible how she's treated and that Angel Clare and the rest of society need to get the heck over her past indiscretions, especially since they're not even her fault in the first place!!!! Ughh. Again, thank God Hardy is taking Tess' side, otherwise I would be infuriated with the book as a whole rather than just the idiotic characters. 


I've said/thought it so many times while reading this -- Poor Tess.