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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

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The Lady's Maid - Dilly Court

Well, this has definitely been an interesting book so far. I do think that it could have used further editing. I've caught a few (though not many) typos/punctuation errors and I also think that there are some passages that are not really necessary - they just serve as filler material and the story's long enough that fluff isn't needed. I'm also not terribly attached to any of the main characters. I think Court was trying to make Josie the rambunctious but loveable spoiled little rich girl, but instead she simply comes off as a brat. Kate, on the other hand, is prissy and "good girl" to the extreme. I've found Kate to be more likeable, but she's still a bit too judgmental for my case. 


In spite of these flaws, I do like the story - it's very original and there's more to the plot than romance, which I always appreciate. Hoping to finish this tonight after work.