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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

Either-Or Tag

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I was *sort of* tagged by Meghan - she challenged anyone who had not yet done this to fill it out :) 


BOOKLET OR TOME?  I would definitely prefer a tome - if it's a book that I enjoy. When I'm reading a good book, I  never ever want it to end. Which is part of why I love Gone With the Wind and Anna Karenina - they're both actually long enough to satisfy me haha


PRE-OWNED OR NEW? I don't really have a preference, but I do buy most of my books new, so I guess new. 


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY?  While I do enjoy both, I definitely prefer historical fiction - hazards of being a history major :) 


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK? Hardcover for sure. I'm really hard on books and paperbacks don't always hold up as well as hardcovers do. 

FUNNY OR SAD?  While I like funny books a lot (one of the best books I've ever read was Cheaper by the Dozen), I think I'd have to say that I prefer sad books - if they have a happy ending. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, so long as it's not forced. 


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER?  Does not matter to me at all. I read in all seasons :) 

CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  Usually classics. While there are many great writers nowadays, there's a reason why the classics are still being read today. 


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION?  Fiction for sure. 


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER?  Eh. Either/or. Neither is really my favorite. They tend to be extremely plot driven and skimp out on other aspects (such as my favorite, character development). 


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  I definitely prefer print books, BUT eBooks are usually cheaper and they take up way less space. So lately I've been buying more of those. But if I have a book that I love love love, I usually buy a physical copy of it, too. 


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  Most definitely collecting, haha


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE?  I prefer bookstores, but let's be honest, internet is usually cheaper. 

BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  As long as it's good, doesn't matter. 


BEST OR BAD SELLER?  Again, as long as it's good, it doesn't matter. In fact, I'm usually wary of best sellers because very rarely do I agree with the general public's opinions of books, haha. And plenty of amazing books did really badly at first - just look at The Great Gatsby. It flopped at first and now it's considered to be a must-read. When I read it, I wasn't terribly impressed, but lots of people love it. It's all relative. 


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK?  I like to cook, but I LOVE to bake. So definitely baking, haha. 


And as for tagging people  - whoever would like to do this should! I love learning more about my fellow booklikes-users :)