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Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte

Well, I don't really know much about Anne Bronte, but based on this book, I'm going to guess at some point in her life she was a governess and had a miserable experience with it, because as far as I can tell, that's all this book is about. Agnes Grey is a governess out of financial necessity and she hates her job. She expected it to be easy (ha! wishful thinking), but instead, she's stuck with a bunch of brats who don't listen and are crazy self-centered. As for Agnes, she's kind of a self-righteous priss who looks down her nose at her employers, who admittedly aren't exactly fantastic people.


If this book has a point beyond showing how much it sucks to be a governess, it's taking a long time to get to it. I'm hoping that it'll end up being like Jane Eyre by Anne's sister Charlotte, which also took FOREVER to get to the real meat of the story, but then once it did, there was all sorts of fun scandal and suspense.


As it is, I can see why I hadn't ever heard of this book until the Classics discussion group chose it as our February read.