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Forbidden - Lori Adams

So, this is basically Twilight but with angels and demons instead of vampires and werewolves. I wish I was kidding. The similarities are ridiculous. Here are some of the ones I've picked up on after reading less than 20% of the book: 


  • Sophia moves to a new town with a father who she doesn't really connect to (not really THAT big of a deal, but when combined with the rest of these, it's kind of like the cherry on top of the cake)
  • Michael, the unbelievably drop-dead gorgeous angel, has iridescent eyes (similar to Edward's eyes)
  • Sophia and Michael have this weird connection - in Twilight, it was that Edward couldn't read Bella's thoughts. In Forbidden, it's that when they're around each other, their hearbeats like connect somehow? They can feel a double heart beat (I'm assuming it's that they're feeling each others). Also, Sophia can see Michael in his angel form, which is something no one else can do - also parallels the whole "Edward can't read Bella's thoughts" thing
  • Michael pretends to be apathetic towards Sophia at first, which makes her think that he has some sort of huge problem with her, but it's really that he's so stunned by his reaction to her. He even goes so far as to tell Sophia to stay away from him. Sound familiar? 
  • Michael's cousin Milvi is basically a blonde Alice. Same sparkling personality, short hair, dainty features, impeccable fashion taste - yep, Alice Cullen!
  • Michael and Sophia get paired together for a class project, thus forcing them to talk to each other and, I assume, fall in love. 


So yes, this is DEFINITELY reminding me of Twilight, which, incidentally, is not one of my favorite book series in the world. But aside from the fact that I'm not crazy about Twilight, I'm disgusted to think that Lori Adams may be another E.L. James, turning a Twilight fan fic into her own novel and thus essentially stealing another author's work and creativity. I have no problem with fan fiction, but I do have a problem with profiting off of fan fiction, since it's not original work. I'm hoping this is going to be like Vampire Diaries, where it holds similarities to Twilight but has enough differences that it can get away with sharing a few qualities AND has a great enough storyline that I can end up falling in love with it. But I am going to start doing some research on this Lori Adams woman and try to see if the similarities to Twilight aren't completely random.