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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

Like classics?

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

I don't know about you, but I love the classics. I know they can sometimes be a bit dry, but these books have withstood the test of time, and there's a reason for that - they're good. They have good stories and they're simply well-written. So in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic. Plus, more often than not, they're free on Amazon for Kindle. What more could you want?


Anyway, the Classics discussion group is holding a December group read of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which is probably one of the most famous Christmas-themed literary works ever published. If you'd like to join us, go ahead and add yourself to the discussion group! The thread for the December group read is here. Hope you'll be able to join us!