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Less Than Perfect

Less Than Perfect (Entangled Ever After) - Kelly Jensen

Nothing could have prepared Mikayla for the alien invasion, not even all the post-apocalyptic novels that she's read. The invaders, known simply as The People, seek to perfect the human race - whether they want to be or not. While doing her best to simply survive in a world that's different than anything she could have possibly imagined, Mikayla meets Reg, and finds that love can thrive even in the most dangerous of worlds. 


I really enjoyed reading this book. It was especially interesting after reading The 5th Wave last week. After having positively reacted to both books, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should start reading more sci-fi... if it's all as good as these two, maybe it'll be my new favorite genre!


The opening chapter of this book reminded me of The Wizard of Oz, which made me laugh. It didn't come off as cheesy; rather, it actually piqued my interest in the story. This was amplified from the fact that the book is action-packed from the get-go, which I'm coming to learn is essential to the success of a novella. 


I liked the characters a lot. Mikayla was sweet and I enjoyed her quirky personality. Reg was Mr. Perfect. I was disappointed that Reg was kind of a one-dimensional character and, though certainly likeable, by the end of the story, I still didn't really feel like I knew him that well. In spite of this, which I've learned is a fatal flaw of the novella format, their romance is still cute and definitely put a smile on my face - I really wanted them to get through everything that they went through so that they could have a happily ever after. 


One thing that I thought was pretty unbelievable was when



Mikayla, Hiram, and Reg just blindly went with Bob to his house. There was something off about him, they all knew that there was something off about him and acknowledged it to themselves, and yet they still went with him, even though they knew that in such chaotic times this was a stupid decision. I realize that the author had to think of a plausible way to get them into his house and into the hands of The People, but in my opinion, this was not the right way to do it. 

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I'm glad that the title ended up being significant. At a first glance, the title comes across as being just a bland romance title, but it ends up tying in really nicely with the whole them of how perfection isn't actually desirable. I loved how the author conveyed the message that our imperfections are what make us human and we should embrace them. 


This was a really intense story with the perfect combination of romance and adventure. I would recommend it to any romance fan, even if, like me, you usually shy away from sci-fi. You might find that this defies your preconceived notions of the genre! 


Disclaimer: I received this book as an ARC from Entangled Publishing, but in no way did this influence my review.