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Ghosts of the Falls

Ghosts of the Falls - Sarah Gilman

Jade Clarence's family has been in the business of exorcism for generations. When Jade royally screws up on the job, her brothers decide to give her one more chance to prove that she can handle such a strenuous career, or they'll oust her from the business for her own good. Her last chance is to perform an exorcism at a Maine state park. There, she meets Dutch Hutchinson, and finds that the job won't be as simple as she'd anticipated. 

Another enjoyable novella from Entangled Publishing! I was a bit concerned at first, after reading Ghosts of Kingston Cottage, because there appeared to be a lot of similarities at first: it's a ghost professional performing her services in Maine, as is the case of GoKC. Even the titles are similar. But the similarities ended there. In this case, Jade falls in love with the very ghost she's been sent to exorcise. 


This novella did a good job of telling a story that I enjoyed and wrapping it up to the point where I was okay with finishing it in less than 60 pages. The story was told to my satisfaction, but there's still room for the potential development of a series, which is an optimal situation for an author to achieve. 


Although Jade and Dutch did hook up pretty fast, I didn't feel like the progression of their relationship quite qualified as instalove since, thankfully, they avoided using the words "I love you." Things did progress quickly and they proclaimed their intentions to stay together for the longterm after a very short amount of time, but in this case, I was able to suspend my disbelief. It also helped that neither seemed to have significant trust issues that would have kept them from jumping in as fast as they did. And, just in case you were wondering, the romance is great


Overall, this was a quick read that hooked my attention early on and told a sweet romance story. If you're into supernatural romance and you don't have time to read a full length novel, I would definitely recommend this book to you. 


Disclaimer: I received this book as an ARC from Entangled Publishing, but in no way did this influence my review.