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I absolutely adore reading - my love for books has had a huge impact on my life! I'm going to grad school to be a children's/YA librarian.

November 2013 Book Batch!

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey daynight (Volume 1) - Megan Thomason The Keeper of Dawn - J.B. Hickman Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Empress of the Night: A Novel of Catherine the Great - Eva Stachniak Vampire Games - Tiffany Allee Ghosts of Kingston Cottage - Libby Bishop Ghosts of the Falls - Sarah Gilman Less Than Perfect (Entangled Ever After) - Kelly Jensen

Ambitious, I know - but I plan to read at least this many books! Read more after the cut. 



I know, I am absolutely INSANE for attempting to read all these books during the last full month of my undergraduate career. But half of them are for my YA lit class and I've actually already read them, so I'm just re-reading them, and the rest are ARCs that I've committed to reading. Hopefully, I'll enjoy all of them!


The 5th Wave - if you haven't heard of this book already, you NEED to get on it. This is the next big thing in YA lit and it's about to explode. Give it 6 months and it's all you'll be hearing about - and it totally deserves all of the attention. Even if you're like me and you are so NOT a sci-fi fan, you'll like this one. The 5th Wave is about an alien apocalypse - aliens have made contact with Earth and in the months afterward, the vast majority of the Earth's population has been wiped out, and those that are left are desperately trying to survive, which is easier said than done since it's impossible to tell who's an alien and who's not. I'm so excited to re-read this book and post my full review on here. All I'm going to say now is it's witty, fast-paced, super suspenseful, and full of plot twists. Again - if you haven't read this yet, you NEED to. 


daynight - This is a YA dystopian romance. Kira Donovan has decided to enter the Second Chance Institute in hopes of receiving a scholarship upon completing their program. To everyone on Earth, SCI is a benevolent charity program that offers full college scholarships, but in reality, it's a totalitarian regime on Thera, which is essentially Earth's alternate dimension. As Kira soon finds out, Thera is nowhere near as blissfully perfect as SCI likes to make people think - in fact, it's actually REALLY messed up. This is a fast-paced piece of dystopian chick lit that will hold your attention the whole way through. I enjoyed reading it over the summer, and I'm looking forward to reading it again in preparation for my class discussion of it in a few weeks!


The Keeper of Dawn - This YA novel takes place at a prep school for really wealthy boys in New England. The protagonist, Jacob Hawthorne, has been sent there by his family and he REALLY does not want to be there, but once he accepts that he's stuck there, he befriends a few other people. His group gets dubbed the "Headliners" when all of their dads make front page news on the same day. The Headliners get into all sorts of shenanigans together and this book is full of teenage boy angst (which is different from girl angst, of course), laughs, and tears. I guess you could say it's a new version of A Separate Peace but I enjoyed this SO much more than I enjoyed that book!


Seraphina - of all the books I've had to read for my YA lit class, this was by far my favorite - and yes, that includes The 5th Wave. It takes place in the fantasty kingdom of Goredd, where Seraphina is a very talented court musician. The entire kingdom is fraught with tension between the humans and the dragons, who take human form to grace the kingdom with their scholarly knowledge even though they face horrible discrimination. I adored this book and I seriously cannot wait to re-read it. 


Now to move on to books that I have not read yet! All the information below was obtained through Amazon's descriptions of the books and thus should not contain any spoilers. 


Empress of the Night - I received this ARC from NetGalley and I am so excited about it! This novel is about Catherine the Great, who is near death and reflecting on her life. This book is especially interesting to me in light of the Russian history class that I'm currently taking. 


Vampire Games - I received this ARC from Entangled Publishing. This book is about a detective, Beatrice Davis, who's asked by her vampire ex, also a detective, for help on a case, since she has visions that are often helpful when solving crimes. So from the sounds of this, it's a supernatural mystery romance novel. Sounds interesting for sure!


Ghosts of Kingston Cottage - another ARC that I received from Entangled Publishing. Arabella Pierce is a medium who's been sent to investigate Kingston Cottage in Maine. She's accompanied by a very skeptical reporter named Lucas Brown. The two don't get along initially but circumstances force them to work together - which is, of course, complicated by mutual attraction. Another supernatural romance novel. 


Ghosts of the Falls - another ARC from Entangled Publishing. An exorcist named Jade Clarence gets sent to Maine to help with a case that's going to make or break her career. The spirit that she encounters is named Dutch Hutchinson and he's ready to move on. He takes corporeal form to spend time with Jade. They fall for each other, but of course, complications arise. Supernatural romance novel. 


Less Than Perfect - another ARC from Entangled Publishing, which should be interesting to read in conjunction with The 5th Wave. As a post-apocalyptic novel junkie, you'd think Mikayla would be prepared for an alien invasion, but, of course, she's not. She meets another refugee named Reg, but they get captured by aliens and prepare to undergo a procedure that's supposed to make them perfect. Not too thrilled about this prospect, Mikayla and Reg decide to try to escape. Definitely sounds interesting!


I'm looking forward to posting all of these reviews, and hopefully more, this month! I'm also reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, but we're on a bit of a hiatus due to school so I may not actually get to that this month - plus, clearly, I've got a TON of other reading obligations! 


Have you read any of these? Do you plan to?