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Three to Get Married


I'm getting married in June, and after we got engaged, my fiancé's dad gave us each copies of this book to read. I'm really glad that he did, because the book was very thought-provoking and I think that it had a lot of good insight as to what a strong Catholic marriage should be like. It is definitely difficult to get through - I'm a fast reader, but this took me a full five months to get through because my mind kept wandering at some parts. There were some chapters that I felt were very strong - the chapter "For Better or For Worse" is particularly relevant nowadays, in my opinion, because it reminds the reader that marriage is supposed to be forever, and in a world where divorce is increasingly common, I think this is a very important chapter to read. This book did get a bit preachy, which I suppose is to be expected given its nature. A major issue that I had with this book is that I'm honestly not sure how relevant it is anymore. While it definitely makes good points, it was written over sixty years ago, before Vatican II, and I know that a lot of things about the Church has changed since this book was published. So I think that the very best thing about this book is that it's made me want to read a Catholic book on marriage that is more up-to-date, and I don't think that would have even occurred to me had I not read this book. I'm definitely going to be looking for some this summer. Another thing about this book that I think is really great is it emphasized the huge role that faith should have in a successful marriage. I think that's definitely something that could be improved in my relationship and I'm glad that this book got me thinking about it. 

So, overall, I'd say that while reading this book certainly couldn't hurt engaged couples, I'm sure that there are other Catholic books about marriage that are more recent and more enjoyable to read that have just as strong content.