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Anna and the French Kiss


Okay, so the title of this book is basically the lamest title of all time. And because of that, I was VERY hesitant to read it. In fact, even after I started it and found myself enjoying it, I was embarrassed to see it on my "currently reading" shelf because the title is that bad, and I'm mentally kicking the author for choosing it because I'm positive that title is driving readers away from a book that, in reality, is actually a really fun book to read. 

There are a lot of things about this book that can be criticized, if you're in a picky mood. It's predictable. It's written at like, a third grade reading level and is NOT challenging or even really that original in the slightest bit. The main character is probably one of the dumbest characters that I've ever encountered because it takes her FOREVER to pick up on things. 

But, the fact is, this is a YA book. Teenage girls will absolutely, 100% relate to this. Anna is a perfect representation of a 17 year old girl and she really does act her age - she's not any more mature than she should be, and I think that's key to remember. And on top of that, this book is so much fun to read. Even though there were certain parts that made me cringe because they were so cliché or so predictable, I could not put this book down. It was funny, it was sweet, and it's an honest representation of how high school students really act, in my opinion. 

If you're looking for a serious book, stay far, far away - after all, this book IS called Anna and the French Kiss - you can't be expecting literary genius from this! But if you're looking for a fun, quick, innocent read with a happy ending, this might actually be just what you're looking for.