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I was really not impressed with this book. The entire first half of the book was incredibly boring and poorly written. I didn't like any of the characters, including the narrator, and the plot was very predictable. I was expecting it to at least be well-written, based on many of the reviews on here, which described the writing as "poetic," and I couldn't have been more disappointed in that regard. I do think that it's good that so many people who suffering from depression and who are recovering from a rape find this book to be relatable and that it helps them cope with their situations, but personally, I would have preferred to have seen the author write about a girl who takes a stand against her rapist and truly fights back, rather than watching an entire year go by while her life falls apart before her eyes. From what I've heard, this story is realistic, but I think that it would be more beneficial for the audience who is reading this book to read something that encourages them to stand up and get the help that they need right away. So, overall, I really wasn't a fan of this book, and I wouldn't recommend reading it.