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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

I'm reading this for my Resources for Young Adults course, but it's been recommended to me by quite a few teens at the library where I'm interning. I'm still very much on the fence about it. Nothing has impressed me thus far, but there have been a few things that I'm a bit skeptical of and it's definitely starting to impact my opinion about the book. First of all, the main character, Grace, was attacked by wolves when she was a kid. However, one of the wolves (actually werewolves - not a spoiler; we find out about them pretty early on) - who, by the way, had been on his way to eat her - ended up deciding that eating a kid isn't okay and ends up stopping the rest from continuing to hurt her. So, because this one wolf intervened, the girl is now obsessed with wolves and, when one of her classmates is attacked by them when she's in high school, insists that they're not dangerous, and these attacks are just freak incidents. 


Um. What? I'm pretty sure that if I were attacked by wolves, even if they didn't kill me or, apparently, seriously injure me, I'd be TERRIFIED of them from that point on. So, that whole thing doesn't really make sense to me. And, on that note, while the part of the book when MC gets attacked makes it out that she's basically being mauled, she apparently doesn't have any scars or other permanent injuries from the event - or at least, the author doesn't mention any. So that doesn't make sense. 


Also, this girl's parents are totally absent and clueless. Now, on one hand, this is a pretty common trope of the YA genre. But this book (so far) takes it to a whole new level. At the part where I've left off, it's 3AM and neither of MC's parents are to be found - they're at an art gallery opening, which, in a small town in Minnesota, I'm fairly certain wouldn't last until 3AM -, and apparently these late nights are a regular occurrence. I realize that for some teens this is a reality, but other circumstances in this girl's life make this seem pretty incongruous. 


So, there are definitely some points about this book that I'm questioning, That being said, it is an interesting story so far, and I'm interested in seeing what else happens. But this book has a long way to go if it's going to wow me.